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Thank you to everyone who put in a submission to the government with respect to the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard

The Australia Climate Action Fund (ACAF) is a non-profit fund dedicated to tackling climate change by directly funding emissions reduction projects. We finance new and innovative projects across the country to reduce Australia’s carbon footprint and secure a better future for the next generation. From installing solar panel for schools to building off-grid bushfire refuges for remote communities, ACAF members have the opportunity to offset our emission in our own backyard.

Membership from $17 per month or Donations

We pool your funds to maximise our impact

98% of funds are invested in climate action projects

Together ACAF community become part of the solution


Solar (kW)
Clean Energy (MWh/yr)
Emissions avoided (tonnes/yr)


Anyone can become an ACAF member with membership starting from $17 per month or approx. $4 per week. We pool this money to maximise our impact, and fund projects tackling the climate crisis in Australia.

The more members who join, the greater project we can fund, the more impact we have.

100% of donations are tax deductible on specific projects. We aim to keep costs low so 98% of donations go directly to climate action projects.


We are not a Climate advocacy. As time runs out and the climate crisis accelerates we believe the time is to ACT.

When you donate or become of Member of Australia Climate Action Fund, you join an Australian Community who actively fund projects that demonstrably reduce CO2 emissions in Australia.

So, if you like to take part in real climate action in Australia, by actually reducing emissions this year, join us!