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Welcome to our Newsletter for Quarter 4 2021

  • Roseville Public School – our first project – starting 2022
  • COP26

Roseville Public School

We are pleased to announce, that we will be partnering with Solar my School to assist Roseville Public School, to build a 50kw solar system for commissioning in 2022. Although final details are still to be worked out, we expect to start our campaign to raise funds for this project in the early new year.

We do hope you will support us on this project, which should reduce emissions by about 60 tonnes per annum, which over 20 years should reduce our carbon footprint by 1,200 tonnes. Although the school will be able to get a good proportion of the funds from the New South Wales government, and from other sources, they won’t be able to go ahead without our support which should be in the $5,000 to $10,000 region.

Your support next year will be invaluable, as we hope that Roseville will just be the first of many such projects that we hope to bring to fruition.


We are sure that you all have your own thoughts as to whether this meeting was a success or just more blah,blah,blah.

On the positive side, more than 100 countries including Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, US and Canada, representing 85% of the World’s forests have agreed to a moratorium of deforestation from 2030

On the negative side, Australia, sadly continues to take the prize as a Colossal Fossil when it comes to climate action, at least at the Federal level. Fortunately, Australia has a lot of well motivated state leaders, corporates and individuals such as yourself, who are keen to see real action rather than more talk and subterfuge.

So let’s hope 2022 is the year we start to take real steps to reduce emissions by funding projects such as Roseville,

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In the meantime, from all of us at Australia Climate Action Fund, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable Festive Season.

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