Hi All,

Welcome to our combined Q1 and Q2 2022 Newsletter

  • Roseville Public School – our first project – funding complete
  • New project any time soon
  • Solar projects in other states
  • New Government passes 43% reduction target into law

Roseville Public School

It is with great pleasure that we confirm we have reached our first major goal, by raising $7,500 to provide the residual funding necessary for Roseville Public School to build a 53kw solar system. These funds have already been transferred to the Roseville P&C, and can only be used for this project.

None of this could have been achieved without everyone of you who donated money to this project. Please accept sincere thanks from: Solar My School; Roseville Public School and ourselves for your support in getting this project to a position where it can finally go ahead. When installed, you will have helped reduce our CO2 emissions by 74 tonnes a year. We will bring you updates, over the coming months, on the actual installation of the system.

Tax receipts

All those contributing to the Roseville project will receive tax receipts – the vast bulk will be for the year to 30 June 2022 – so don’t forget to include these receipts in your tax return and earn yourself a tax refund on your donation.

Our next project

Although identified, we cannot yet reveal details of the next school we hope to help fund, but we will let you know when it becomes official.

Solar Projects outside NSW

Our first few projects are likely to take place in NSW, as our partner Solar My School has a well established presence in this state. However, as we get established we are keen to look at projects of a similar nature in other states, and to this end, our Founder, Remi Delomel, has been in contact with the Victorian State Government to see if a similar scheme can be implemented in the Garden State. We will let you know how we go.

New Federal Government – and 43% reduction by 2030 legislated

Since our last newsletter, we have seen a change of government, to one that seems much keener on taking real climate action. It is good to see that they have already brought in legislation to ensure there is at least a 43% reduction occurs by 2030. It will be interesting to see how the new Labor government, Greens and “Teal” Independents all perform in the coming three years.

Thanks again for your help, and please forward our details to let other like-minded friends, so that by funding projects that take real climate action now, we can do our bit to beat that 43% target.


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